Shukai Car Show Coverage by Midlife


The show that shouldn’t have happened, turned out to be one of our favorites this year. We were pretty ecstatic to hear that Shukai was returning to the streets of Japantown SJ for its 7th annual show because, like most everyone else, we thought 2018 was rumored to be the last. As always, Cary of Wheels n’ Meals along with Headliners, Hukilau, and The Autoground put together a great show proving once again that if you build it, they will come. And come they did in rides of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We truly enjoyed seeing some true OG rides on display like Adam Saruwatari’s storied IDRC event winning drag RX-7 were out of hibernation and looking sweet as ever. Were we a bit starstruck? Yes way!

The best part though was the chill atmosphere and laid back vibe that was flowing all day. If Saturdays are for the boys, than Sundays are for the rides... and what a Sunday it turned out to be.

Epic car shows beget epic videos, and this one here ain’t no slouch. Brought to you by Midlife, the creative minds of glen and Ron, and the 24 cans of paper bag wrapped Sapporo beers; we proudly present our event coverage of Shukai San Jose 2019. Whether you missed out or just want to relive the show through our eyes, do yourself a favor and give it a watch or two and thank us in the morning.