Car Collective Spotlight 002: '64 Chevy Impala


Living in a time where consumer electronics and gadgets don’t seem to last longer than a year, it’s amazing to see a 57 year old car show up to the MidLife Car Collective as clean as Eli’s 62 Impala. The candy brandy wine over galaxy gray paint job completely floored us and that was before we found out it was painted over a decade ago. The deepness of the paint was unmatched and it carried over into the interior where the dash and steering wheel was painted to match. This car is a visual buffet of chrome, candy brandy wine, and a rich tan interior. Classic lines and a stance that screams low and slow, this car really was a show stopper. Window louvers on the back glass really finished off the look of this lowrider that looks just as good parked in the shade as it does cruising down the 101.

glen canlas