Car Collective Spotlight 001: '37 Ford Truck


When we saw this 37 ford hot rod pull up, we know we had share it with the world. This amazing build was brought out to the MidLife Car Collective for the first time and completely blew us away. Bubzy acquired this vehicle as a bit of a basket case when he traded his 38 coupe for it and made quick work of getting it road worthy. He started by overhauling the suspension and brakes while also changing out the tired wheels and tires. This car sports its fantastically original patina from the doors down and the roof was painted to match. If you look hard enough, you’ll find subtle additions that Buzby has made to really make this car his own. From the wood planar door handles to the shiny engine bits, Buzby has continued to customize and perfect his ride. The one thing that really stuck out during our quick chat with Bubzy was when he described this project in a way that resonates with all car enthusiasts and a sentiment we likely all share… “its been the best therapist I’ve had for a long time”. Check out the photos below and give our friend a follow in IG @BubzyWubzy to follow along on his ongoing build.