FD3S Update: Adding Aero

Waiting for parts to come in are always part of building a car. In my case i had to wait 2 months for my Aero parts, which consisted of a new hood, side steps, rear lip spoiler, and rear diffuser. Eventually they came in and they all came in this gigantic box!

We decided to mount the rear diffuser first. The diffuser comes in 3 parts, the diffuser itself, the part that connects the diffuser to the body and, lastly the vortex generators which is actually an add on. After lining up the part that connects the diffuser to the frame, it was time to start drilling. The way we decided to mount everything to the frame was using nutserts. Most people use self tapping screws but we decided to go the cleaner route. After drilling we sprayed the holes with some primer to prevent rusting, then we inserted the nutserts.

Then we aligned the rear diffuser with the part that connects it to the frame. More drilling but for that part we used some counter sunk washers and bolts from Probolt to secure the two parts together. The bolts and washers we got were black as well as higher quality then the hardware that was included with the diffuser. After mounting the rear diffuser, we adjusted the front of it since it was sitting a little too low. I would never make it out of my driveway like that, so the front of the diffuser had to be raised about 1.5”. We just ended up cutting the stock brackets and drilling new holes to raise the diffuser up.

The vortex generators had to wait till we put the side steps on since i wanted the vortex generators to line up with the side steps. So again more drilling, aligning, and etc. After a few trips to homedepot and countless mounting and removing parts to check alignment, we got everything on. The diffuser and side step flow well together, the hood really changes the look of the car. Seeing it all together is pushing me to hurry up and get that 99 front bumper to finish my “stage 1” look. You can check out the progress pictures and end results below.


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